#thatvanagain Project

My latest film project, #thatvanagain, is a documentary co-directed by Tony Cruz and Scott Erickson and produced by me (Brett Kirkpatrick).

The film tells the stories of VW surf vans and the craftsmen, creators, artists and wanderers who seek the freedom to chart their unique paths through life. The goal is to document surf culture through the VW van life, capturing authentic moments to inspire others to seek adventure in nature.

Scott, Tony, and I have focused our lives around surfing and storytelling and finally combined these two passions for the #thatvanagain project. Check it out at thatvanagain.com.

Artist Profile: Eric Abel


Ventura, California based surf artist, Erik Abel, talks about selfishness, process, sculpture, and his new non-profit art collective.

For more info on Erik's work, check out: abelarts.com.

Producer: Brett Kirkpatrick
Director/Editor: Aron Ives

The Nicaragua Mural Project

This was the premier for the Abel Arts Collective, a non-profit dedicated to helping underserved communities through public art projects. The project took place in the Playa Gigante's new Community Health Center. The AAC partnered with Project Woo and the local community and designed and painted a gorgeous two-wall mural.

For more information check out: abelartscollective.org.

Producer: Brett Kirkpatrick
Director/Editor: Tony Cruz

Brand Profile: Tres Flechas Surfboards

This is a brief peak into the life and work of the man behind Tres Flechas Surfboards, Josiah Morris. 

Producer: Brett Kirkpatrick
Director/Editor: Tony Cruz
Cinematographer: Scott Erickson