Over the last decade I've successfully partnered with clients to implement award-winning educational and inspirational experiences. I've worked with non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and creative agencies. The global client list includes: LinkedIn,, CreativeLive, Intuit, the University of Hawaii, the Abel Arts Collective, and the world-renowned global ad agency, R/GA. I've also produced a few short films.

Here are some key projects....



Ideas That Resonate

Designers generate ideas every day. Some are small, some are average, and then there's the select few that are truly big ideas—the type that change behaviors, shake landscapes, and spawn copycats. But what makes a big idea? In this LinkedIn Learning course, we helped author Stefan Mumaw reveal the seven characteristics of ideas that resonate. He shows his audience what big ideas look like, using examples from real-world companies like Dove, Volkswagen, TNT, and Google, and teach you how to unlock the potential in your own ideas and connect with your audience in a "big" way.

Production responsibilities include instructional design, live action footage shot on location, art direction and graphic design, BRoll, coaching talent on set, and project managing a world-class post-production team.

Partnered with Director, Aron Ives.

Landscape Photography: Night Landscape

When the sun goes down, landscapes take on entirely new personalities. In this course created for LinkedIn Learning, we took a nocturnal road trip with photographer Sean Duggan to illuminate the techniques involved in capturing the nighttime landscape. Filmed on location along the surreal shoreline of the Salton Sea and in the Anza-Borrego Desert, the course offers real-world examples and insights into a professional landscape photographer's thought process and composition techniques.

Production responsibilities include instructional design, shoot planning, multiple location changes, storyboarding, coaching talent, BRoll, and post-production project management.

Partnered with Director, Aron Ives.

Drawing Vector Graphics

Join illustrative designer Von Glitschka as he deconstructs the creative process to teach you how to develop and create precise vector graphics. The course begins with an overview of his methodology for design and drawing—analog methods that are vital to digital workflows. Next, discover how to prepare yourself and your client for the project by defining the scope and expectations early on. With the creative brief ready and ideation explored, Von jumps into sketching, refining, and creating vector graphics through simple build methods. He continues to art direct the work and conducts digital and physical presentations of the final designs. The last chapter includes some workflow enhancements designed to save you time and conserve your creative energy for future projects.

Production responsibilities include instructional design, set design, art direction and graphic design, BRoll, coaching talent on set, and project managing post-production.

Partnered with Director, Aron Ives.

#thatvanagain Project

#thatvanagain is a short-form documentary film project founded by myself, Tony Cruz and Scott Erickson.

The film tells the stories of VW surf vans and the craftsmen, creators, artists and wanderers who seek the freedom to chart their unique paths through life. The goal is to document surf culture through the VW van life, capturing authentic moments to inspire others to seek adventure in nature.

Partnered with Directors, Scott Erickson and Tony Cruz.

The Nicaragua Mural Project

This was the premier for the Abel Arts Collective, a non-profit dedicated to helping underserved communities through public art projects. The project took place in the Playa Gigante's new Community Health Center. The AAC partnered with Project Woo and the local community and designed and painted a gorgeous two-wall mural.

Production responsibilities included storyboarding, shoot logistics, short form documentary storytelling, and post-production.

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Partnered with Director, Tony Cruz.