Over the last decade I've successfully partnered with clients to write, produce, and design award-winning educational content. I've worked with non-profits, Fortune 500 companies and creative agencies. The global client list includes: LinkedIn,, CreativeLive, Intuit, the University of Hawaii, the Abel Arts Collective, and the world-renowned global ad agency, R/GA. 

Here are some recent projects....


Drawing Vector Graphics

Illustrative designer Von Glitschka shares his creative process in this 2 1/2 hour course produced for Von was inspirational as well as instructional. I learned a lot on this shoot, but my favorite Vonism has to be: "K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid." I think of it often when designing experiences for clients.

This was shot on a custom built set designed in partnership with the live action crew within the studios. 

Landscape Photography: Night Landscape

When the sun goes down, landscapes take on entirely new personalities. In this course created for LinkedIn Learning, we took a nocturnal road trip with photographer Sean Duggan to illuminate the techniques involved in capturing the nighttime landscape. Filmed on location along the surreal shoreline of the Salton Sea and in the Anza-Borrego Desert, the course offers real-world examples and insights into a professional landscape photographer's thought process and composition techniques.

Production responsibilities include instructional design, shoot planning, multiple location changes, storyboarding, coaching talent, BRoll, and post-production project management.

Partnered with Director, Aron Ives.

Foundations of Color

Illustrator and RISD Professor, Mary Jane Begin, charismatically explains the nature of color and how to harness it's powers. This course offers solid instruction that every media professional or artist will benefit from. Working with such a fantastic team on set really paid off as it's as beautiful as it is educational. This course reinforced my love of color and took me right back to spending countless hours holed up in Mrs. Tella's art room in High School.


Ideas that Resonate

Designers generate ideas every day. Some are small, some are average, and then there's the select few that are truly big ideas—the type that change behaviors, shake landscapes, and spawn copycats. But what makes a big idea? Here, Stefan Mumaw reveals the seven characteristics of ideas that resonate. He'll show you what big ideas look like, using examples from real-world companies like Dove, Volkswagen, TNT, and Google, and teach you how to unlock the potential in your own ideas and connect with your audience in a "big" way.

Foundations of Figure Drawing

Produced this online figure drawing class on-location in Rhode Island's historic Mill Studio - complete with a live model, handouts, drawing exercises, and anatomy lessons, from artist and professor Amy Wynne. Learn techniques for bringing the human form to life on paper. Amy is an inspiring artist and I'm really proud of the course and thankful to my team for the collaboration on this one. Please check it out!